Portfolio of Molly McCracken
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“Almondia is a new kind of almond beverage with a luscious, rich taste. It is simply delicious! We created Almondia  with the earth in mind, using only organic almonds sustainably grown in Spanish orchards where irrigation is not needed and almonds have been grown for ages. That´s why we call it The Virtuous Almond.”

Almondia is made with substantially more almonds than any other brand. In fact,  ALMONDIA has seven grams of protein per 250ml serving. It takes the equivalent of more than 100 grms of almonds to make 1 ltr. or about 85 almonds. That's more than 20 almonds per serving.


Branding and Packaging

I developed the brand identity and packaging for this new and highly successful almond milk while Art Director at Nourish Food Marketing.