Portfolio of Molly McCracken
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Bloom Cycling


We needed cycling clothing that could keep up with the times. So, we got to work. Bloom Cycling is a apparel line created by myself and Kate McGrogan.

Born on freezing fall highways, Bloom is about the joy of the open road. That means getting things done with products that are well made and made to last. After all, we have no time for excuses - it’s all about results.

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In our world, you don’t need to be a mechanic or a pro. We provide the materials for an unparalleled experience in an underserved market. We want to be leaders in women's cycling. It's our reason for being, which is why we make clothing designed with you in mind. Our products are not an afterthought, they are the star of the show.

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This is clothing for the right kind of rider. One who defies expectations, ditches labels and always holds their line. Whether you’re hitting the boards, asphalt, or the gravel, we’ll always have you covered.

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We love the work and we love the ride. That’s what it means to feel in Bloom.