Portfolio of Molly McCracken

Cake Beauty

Cake Beauty

I was the Art Director at Cake Beauty in 2015 & 2016. There I worked closely with the Marketing Manager and CEO to create visual content that supported the brand ideals.


set design and direction

This role relied on my ability to put on many different hats. The above photo was from a set I designed for a feature in FLARE which centred around Cake's founder Heather. Photographing squirming children can be quite a challenge, so the final product was a composite from 2 shots, allowing us to show the whole family paying attention all at once.



Cake Beauty also has a sub-brand called Delectable, which can be found at Shopper's Drug Mart. During my time at the company the CEO wanted a single website for both brands. I was able to design a solution which split the homepage 


in a simple way that allows the user to pick from classic Cake or playful Delectable and navigate through each brand individually from a central hub.


I was also heavily involved with shooting and styling the visual content for the Instagram and Email Marketing, all of which was done in-house. The above images are a selection of items I styled, shot, photoshopped, and built in to holiday campaigns.

All our email campaigns were created and designed by myself and the Marketing Manager using Constant Contact. These were executed bi-monthly. Above are mobile examples from their Inca Oils promotion, the TIFF "Pink-Carpet Ready" guide, and Heather's Hand-picked essentials, which re-used the photography from the FLARE interview.


My role at Cake Beauty had been to elevate and update the brand. The above are some concept examples.