Portfolio of Molly McCracken

Wild Eye Designs

Wild Eye Designs

Wild Eye Designs was the main brand in a group of home accessory lines I worked for. Over four years, I was Brand Manager and Design Lead for them. Its difficult to cover everything the role entailed here - because we really did everything. From product conception, to designing forms, graphics, packaging, marketing materials, tradeshow booths, print and digital ads, and websites...my team knew everything.

One of my favourite projects (pictured above) was a set of custom utensils designed for TJ Maxx. I created the pieces you see here by working in close collaboration with our office in Shenzhen, China.


I also had a great time designing the "Shot Glass Ring" shown below. Which became a great seller for bachelorette parties.


With the aid of the Marketing Manager, I was also responsible for the redesign of the Wild Eye website, and all email marketing campaigns. Some of which are pictured below. Initially we created these in Dreamweaver and sent out with SendBlaster, but later on switched to MailChimp as it required less coding.